Press Release

Statement from Public Power NY Coalition on Governor Hochul’s State of the State: Despite the Governor symbolically agreeing with the need to be bold, what we heard today were more half measures and claiming the mantle of climate leadership without the facts to back it up.

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The State Legislature Fails to Pass Any Major Climate Legislation for Two Years Running

New York’s legislature passed on the opportunity to be the national leader that started the decade of the Green New Deal. 

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Report: A new era of public power

A vision for New York Power Authority in pursuit of climate justice. This report shows that New York Power Authority (NYPA) is uniquely positioned to carry out CLCPA mandates in alignment with the rapid and just decarbonization goals of the law. 

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“NY’s Public Power Bill Could Be a Model for the Rest of the Country”

“It hinges on the idea that the best way to decarbonize the state’s energy system is to make it publicly owned and democratically controlled.”

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“Could Public Ownership Save the NY Power System?”

“New York’s profit-driven power system leads to higher costs, more blackouts, and more fossil fuels, activists say.”

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Sign-on Support for 2021 Bills

Read and sign the letter to support the Public Power NY campaign and its two Public Power bills, which are instrumental to creating an energy system that is democratic, accountable, just, and renewable.

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Who We Are

The Public Power NY Coalition is a statewide movement of community and advocacy organizations fighting for an environmentally sustainable energy system that’s also racially, socially, and economically just. We believe energy and a habitable planet are human rights.

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Why Public Power

We can’t fix greed. For-profit, private corporations answer to Wall Street investors, and therefore profit, and so cannot deliver either an effective or a just plan to address the urgent challenges of the climate crisis. A democratically accountable and publicly-owned energy system gives us the leverage to control what kind of power goes into it.

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The Public Power NY Statewide coalition will be introducing two bills this year to move New York State to the 100% renewable, democratically controlled, publicly owned energy system we need in order to lead the nation on climate.

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