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The Coalition

The Public Power NY Coalition is a statewide movement of community and advocacy organizations fighting for an environmentally sustainable energy system that’s also racially, socially, and economically just. We believe energy and a habitable planet are human rights, and that we need to avert the climate crisis by eliminating the use of fossil fuels and transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy. We aim to accomplish these goals by taking over our for-profit energy system and bringing it under public, not-for-profit, local, and democratic ownership and management.

Energy insecurity disproportionately affects low-income people, people of color, and immigrants. Public Power isn’t just an economic and environmental issue; it’s a social justice imperative.

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Why Public Power

We can’t fix greed. For-profit, private corporations answer to Wall Street investors, and therefore profit, and so cannot deliver either an effective or a just plan to address the urgent challenges of the climate crisis. Residents are exploited with unaffordable rates and poor service, the energy grid is subjected to disastrous negligence, and because it’s more profitable to keep using the fossil fuels they already own, these companies are not interested in renewables being cheaper.

Public Power unplugs the greed and treats energy as a public good by creating a publicly-owned utility system that’s run with democratic accountability. This gives us the leverage to control what kind of power goes into it, and to shut fossil fuel plants down for good.

For-profit corporations have failed. Decades of market-based solutions have tried to save the planet by making it “profitable” for corporations than destroying it, but with solar and wind a mere 5% of the state’s energy production, New York is nowhere near meeting the mandates set by the landmark Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) that was passed in 2019.

Energy is a public good. It’s time to take our power back.

Learn about the two 2021 bills we are proposing

Our Goals

Energy for the People by the People

Take our energy system out of the greedy hands of corporate boardrooms, and put it in the hands of the people who rely on it.

100% Renewable Energy

Build 100% renewable energy at the speed that science demands, which the for-profit, private monopolies have failed at and continue to spend fortunes opposing.

Environmental Justice

Keep rates low, invest in a modern, reliable grid that keeps the lights on for all New Yorkers, and end the fossil fuel pollution poisoning working-class, BIPOC communities. Protect the marginalized communities most vulnerable to extreme weather, food scarcity, and other climate chaos.

Rebuild New York

Rebuild New York’s energy and economy with Public Power, a green stimulus and a path to a Green New Deal that will help overcome the historic climate and economic crises created by for-profit monopolies.

Worker and Indigenous Rights

Build renewable power that is sourced from union labor, not projects like Canadian hydro that destroy indigenous communities. Fund a surge of new union jobs to do it. Train and hire from those same BIPOC communities most harmed by the current energy regime.

Global North Responsibility

Take responsibility for The Global North’s unfair share of greenhouse gas emissions by transforming our energy system at home.

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