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Call Your Reps

New York has the power to go 100% renewable by 2040, stop the polluting and poisoning of Black and brown neighborhoods, and create up to 51,000 new jobs in the process. All without raising taxes a single cent, and all before June 10th, 2021. Ask your reps to co-sponsor the Build Public Renewables Act today!

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Call script:

Hello my name is _____, I live in _______ and I am a constituent of (INSERT NAME). 

I am calling today to ask (INSERT NAME) to cosponsor the NY Build Public Renewables Act (Bill# Assembly A1466A or Senate S6453). 

This bill will empower the nation’s largest Public Power provider, our very own New York Power Authority, to build enough 100% renewable energy to power at least 75% of the state, and make tens of thousands of green union jobs to do it. It’s time Albany worked for us, not the polluters.

I ask that (INSERT NAME) sign on to co-sponsor the Build Public Renewables Act today to help NY move to a sustainable, more just energy system.