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Our Campaign

A group of organizers at a public power rally

We’re New Yorkers. When something’s up, we speak up. And something’s been up.

Surprise blackouts. Flooding. Rising pollution. Skyrocketing utility bills. We’re in an environmental & energy crisis.

The for-profit plan that Governor Hochul proposed to address this crisis is building nowhere near the amount of renewable energy we need to reach New York’s climate mandate.

So we spoke up. In 2023, we passed the Build Public Renewables Act to give New York a new mandate: empower NYPA to produce 100% public renewable energy to meet our climate goals and succeed where the private market has failed.

Publicly-owned renewable energy does everything that private, corporatized energy won’t. Cleaner air. Lower utility bills. Prioritizing the phasing out of toxic gas plants in polluted communities of color. A just transition with thousands of green union jobs that makes the Green New Deal’s core promise a reality.

The law is written – but the future isn’t. This is where we come in.

We won an historic victory with BPRA, but the forces that tried to stop us are still trying to claw back our progress until the very last smokestack shuts down. From organizing communities statewide to demand the public renewable projects we deserve, to keeping the pressure on Governor Hochul until we’ve foiled every attempt to put her corporate donors’ desires over our public demands: it’s up to us to make this law a reality.

It’s time for the biggest buildout of public renewable energy in history.