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February 15, 2023
Contact: info@publicpowerny.org
Aaron Eisenberg, (914) 980-9117

Public Power NY Statement on Build Public Renewables Passing NY State Senate

The NY State Senate showcased climate leadership today as the chamber passed the Build Public Renewables Act. In the lead up to the One-House Budget, this declarative statement by the Senate in full support of the Build Public Renewables Act is a welcome answer to the Governor’s BPRA-Lite. Unlike the Governor’s Proposal which never consulted organized labor, we know that the Senate’s Bill not only consulted with labor in the drafting of the bill, but is the “gold standard” for Just Transition language. In this version the Senate passed, they have committed New York to nation leading labor, democratization, and environmental justice standards and ensuring that NY fulfills the mandate of the CLCPA. 

As Public Power NY, we know that the Governor’s proposal was a first draft, and this passage by the Senate gives real momentum towards passing the full version of the BPRA we need. As a coalition, we look to the NY State Assembly, Speaker Heastie, Chair Zebrowski, and our over 60 cosponsors to pass the full BPRA through that chamber as well. At a time when Democrat, Independent, and Republican voters are united in wanting the Speaker to bring it to a vote in his chamber, there are no longer any excuses for not calling a vote. 

Like the CLCPA before it, the BPRA originated in the Assembly. The Assembly must now pass BPRA immediately to signal a united legislature fighting to ensure these critical standards are kept within the BPRA when it gets into “three people in a room.” Anything less is climate failure. 


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