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June 30th, 2022

Contact: info@publicpowerny.org
Aaron Eisenberg, (914)980-9117

Today, the Supreme Court continued their weeklong assault on democracy by limiting the power of the Federal Government to regulate carbon emissions. This stunning overreach continues the enforcement of minority rule. If we cannot rely on the federal government to monitor and bring down emissions in the climate crisis, our only path forward is leading at the state level. 

Yet, less than a month ago Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie chose to do the exact opposite by choosing to side with fossil fuels over our collective futures and not bring the NY Build Public Renewables Act to a vote despite it having 83 confirmed votes, more than enough for passage.

With today’s ruling, just as NY has chosen to come back in a special session to counter the court’s overreach on gun control, and abortion rights, we call on Governor Hochul and Assembly Speaker Heastie to call a special session specifically on climate to pass the Build Public Renewables Act. Anything less is agreeing with the Court’s climate denial.

For more information please contact us at: info@publicpowerny.org 

See our Website: https://publicpowerny.org/